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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Update: TV Show

September 23, 2008

But boy has it been QUITE the six months. See, the tv show has consumed half my time, half my energy and it has been almost almost like selling my soul to the anti-fashion devil. I mean, what was I thinking?! If I wanted to be taken seriously as a “fashion consultant” in my town, I couldn’t go all Carrie Bradshaw on them!


It has been great for all the other stuff, though. The public speaking fear is almost gone, I’m learning how to react to negative criticism…apparently, drowning in tears is not an option! Haha! The vintage clothing I was planning on selling hasn’t seen the light of day in the past months. Errr, except for a couple of items I couldn’t resist on keeping for myself.

thrift-findsSkirt and dress: stolen from the forbidden closet.

But the rest are sitting there, collecting dust.


Red clutch : also from the forbidden closet, couldn’t help it.

I’m learning to organise my time, and I’m hoping it’s okay that my style has become a bit more I’m going to say sophisticated rather than boring than the usual, even if it’s somewhat obligated.

homemade-skirtLeft: homemade skirt and vintage bag, Right: Vintage bag and thrifted skirt.

Carolina (the other t.v. presenter), is a class away from graduating and becoming an architect. She doesn’t think my fashion day dreams are nonsense, she likes my slutty shoes and bags that smell like the 80s and never pressures me to get a french manicure instead of my usual dark colors. We’re mucho close.

carbolinaShe’s had a tough life but her smile is intact.

News! We had our first ever Honduran Fashion Week! I thought it would be a reeally good thing, but like most artistic events in our country, the hype ended the same day it begun. So all there’s left are a few pictures on people’s Facebook.

It feels good to blog again, and it feels so good to read such nice comments. Even better than finding the perfect pair of trousers. Thank you everyone!
P.S. Please excuse the blurry photographs. My photographer is only 9.
Behind the Scenes

Quick Update

May 20, 2008
♥ ♥ ♥

I have not completely abandoned my blog (mm maybe a teensy bit)…see, the tv show finally aired live yesterday! I freaked out and was so nervous, but t all turned out just fine. It is definitely something new for La Ceiba. We air right after the morning (bad) news show so it’s quite the change.

I’ll make sure to tell you all about it. Right now I have to go shopping for make-up because after watching my uneven skin tone yesterday, I realise it’s a necessity…hoping some blush will do? That’s how little I know about make-up!

Thanks for everyone’s support!

Behind the Scenes

Oh, Dear

April 15, 2008

Go to Diary of a Third World Fashionista for previous entries.

This is Fabi again. I had to delete my gmail account because it was hacked into and have now lost access to my old blog! I’ve been very upset but decided I will not stop blogging. Please help me spread the word, this is my new blog address!

Edit: The old posts were also deleted. Sorry about that! However, I’ve learned my lesson and now save backup of all my posts.