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DIYs & Tutorials

Thrift Shopping Tips

December 26, 2011

I noticed how much prices have increased on my last secondhand shopping trip, so I made use of new tricks up my sleeve and here they are:

1. Stay away from the shops with A/C and real dressing rooms unless they have discount boxes. These usually sell Gap and Old Navy, praise them for being “Ropa Americana” (clothes from the United States) and have fixed prices. Big NO NO.

Thrifted Christmas embroidery flats shoesChristmas-y flats found on my last trip to the Honduran capital. Cay-ute!

2. If you fancy more than one item, ask for the price of one first. Then say, “How much if I take both?”

3.  After knowing the asking price, when bartering say “I’ll take it RIGHT NOW if you give it to me for so-and-so-price. Emphasis on “right now” can work magic.

Holiday Christmas velvet flats

 By the way, vintage sizes usually run small. These flats are a size 6 but fit my little sister who’s a 5.5.

4. Bring lots of change. You deserve to be punched if you barter and then pay with the largest bill in existence. I mean, seriously.

5. Befriend the salespeople. They’re most likely underpaid and will appreciate a friendly customer. Once they get to know you they can point you to the “weird grandma dresses you like” when they get new stock.

Warning: tips might only apply in third world countries. 

♥ Next post later today: Easy mullet skirt DIY. Happy holidays everyone!

DIYs & Tutorials

DIY Peek-a-Boo Shoulders

November 13, 2011

Over-sized tops are found in buttloads at thrift shops. Sometimes I like’m nice and roomy due to DIY potential. This top, for instance, had cute white polkadots all over but was faar too large at the shoulders. Rather than a cut-out, I added a slit that falls quite naturally.

DIY shoulder slit top

Here’s how easy it was to do it:

Shoulder slit top DIY stepsHope my amateur drawings are decent enough to be understood! For best results, the top should be at least a size too big and the fabric should drape nicely. All can be sewn by hand, like I did, with a straight stitch as well as a slip stitch.

how to slip stitchSlip stitch

Shoulder slit DIY top and pleated skirt outfitTop: Thrifted, Skirt: Self-made. Necklace: H&M

I made this skirt a while back and now recognize a few construction errors, but I still wear it all the time. On my trip to London, the gals from the L’oreal UK blog caught me wearing it on my way to a Yohji Yamamoto exhibit. Pic looks a bit stretched out but whoo cares! It was such an honor!

Blouse shoulder slit DIY detail

Hope you enjoyed the post! Feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions. ♥

DIYs & Tutorials

Turban Scarf Tutorial

September 28, 2011

My sisters and I all have thick, uncontrollable hair. Tropical weather doesn’t help either. We need to come up with solutions. They suggest a new frizz taming cream. I think we should do turbans. Here’s a pictorial on how to wrap one around your head. No reading fo’reals. It’s also a secret attempt to convince Diana (youngest sibling & this post’s model) turbans are the way to go.

Tie a turban tutorial - step 1

Tie a turban tutorial - Step 2

Tie a turban tutorial - Step 3

Tie a turban tutorial - Step 4

Tie a turban tutorial - Step 5

Turban tutorial result

Turban Scarf tutorial

Fine lookin’ lady, eh?  To sum it up: Two twists on the front, knot on the back, and tucking at the end to clean it up. Can be done with most large scarves.