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Fabi goes to London

September 19, 2011

At home, I usually have to beg my siblings (or whoever’s around) to take photos for my blog. It’s either that or the trusty timer. I’m 1.) too shy to “pose” for anyone else and 2.) aware that asking random strangers will most likely get me in trouble. That’s why BUMMER I only have a few outfit pictures from my recent trip to London:

Style Caramba London outfitSkirt & bag: thrifted. Top: H&M

I arrived with a big’ol luggage filled with thrifted and mended clothes knowing this was surely the place to, well, NOT stand out. That’s why it might be hard to believe I was stopped a few times by streetstyle blog photogs. I have proof of one!

Fabi Pina London outfit

The skirt is one of my latest thrift finds and all I had to do was scoot the button over and raise the hem a bit….the fish and fishing gear print really got me. And the price, of course. 🙂 It was so flattering to be asked to have my picture taken! The short Honduran with the 50 lempira ($2.50) skirt? Mhm.

Pleated skirt and sheer blouse London outfit

I’m currently revamping a few thrifted items and have a couple of DIYs to share on the next posts. But OHHHH I REALLY need a trip to the downtown market for some inspiration. I’ve been sad because of the recent crime increment in my city…it’s hit close to my heart. Praying things get better! ♥


New Year Goals

January 11, 2011


For the sole purpose of adding to the pressure, I have decided to make my first post of 2011 about a few of my new year’s resolutions because I can pretend to be old-fashioned like that and come up with about 138 of them. A little late, but hey! if Christmas decorations are still up in some places, I can still do this.

Honduras market outfit - camouflage print skirtSelf-made camo print skirt. Jersey draped top and vintage belt.

Anyway, for once, I had my whole year perfectly planned out: I’d be moving to a city two hours away from my own (San Pedro Sula, even after hearing too many stories about kidnappings and car thieves) for an Apparel Technology and Textiles certificate program, I’d be taking business admin classes twice a week and going wild in the kitchen (cooking for one!  Hoorayyy!), as well as holding solo-mad-woman sewing allnighters.

Turns out both courses were cancelled because no one cares about Apparel Technology…and now, here I am, redesigning my whole year with a John C. Maxwell book in hand (while keeping in mind, of course, that plans are to be placed in God’s hands).

I begin with the resolutions, no order in particular…

#1:  Visit surrounding towns/villages more often.
They’re so inspiring and I only stop by very VERYY occasionally during family trips when the parents agree to.

Sheer leopard print cape and felt hatBoy was adorable, AHHH! He brought me his duck and put up a show with the chickens and let me use his hammock!

On the road - Sheer leopard print cape and felt hat

   Leopard print cape-like jacket previously an XXL nightgown. Pleats and gathers in random places and that’s what you get…I wear it over everything. 


#2 Buying not so much, sewing way too much.
I rather have a lovely dress with zigzagged seams than a perfectly sergered “bleh” dress that I buy only because it semi fits. I already have plenty of fabric to work with so zero excuses.

Vintage fabric
#3 Less talking the talk and more walking the walk.
I’m always talking about weird ideas that make people smirk, but it never goes past that. The plan is to focus and start DOING things that will make people smirk.

So there they are. Care to share yours? The rest of mine are kinda silly so I’ll have to share them with my sisters…I can’t embarrass myself in front of them any more than I already have.

Have a good year everyone! 

I leave you with a random, beginning of the year outfit…

High-waisted shorts outfit and felt hatTop: homemade. Belt: vintage. Shoes from random mall shop. 


Fashion Bff

March 11, 2010

First post of the year…took me a while, eh? I’ve actually been longing for an update as well…after all, this is my diary. I ended last year with two garage sales. These, of course, had somewhat of a cheesy “goodbye old life, hello new life” very “Uptown Girls” connotation. I had fun and the process wasn’t too painful since most of the stuff I sold HAD to go. Besides, I became friends with some clients/helpers that happened to be shorter than me! YAY!

garage-sale-clients Dress: vintage, fave thrifted find. 

As for my sewing shop, I’ve been spending a lot of time in it “training myself” as I like to say. Right now, I’m mostly fixing up an old sewing machine I got as a gift from a close family friend. Pacita, age 90, dressed most of the fashionable socialites of her time.Her own suits are INCREDIBLE but she hates getting her picture taken.


Geral comes over to help me out. I wrote about Geral on my old blog, but that old blog is pretty much dead *pause, TEARS* so I’ll introduce her again. I met her at church when we were kids. Tough girl who’s had a tough life… we’ve become really good friends and she either loves to listen to me rambling on about London Fashion Week, or she’s reeeally good at pretending.

geral-outfitShirt, shorts, and handbag: all thrifted.

I’m currently teaching her English, we’re learning sewing tricks together and (I’m afraid) her thrifting skills have succeeded mine.

geral-outfit-2Power shoulders, electric blue, cropped jacket: (prepare to DIEEE) only 20 lempiras=a dollar. Mhm.

We will definitely be inventing clothes together for a while. I like our little collab. Even though I predict future cat fights during our shopping dates. I kid, I kid.

2010 Sewing update:

I started to make this skirt the day before I found out McQueen had passed away. Therefore, in my head, it has a McQueeny vibe to it every time I wear it. I will miss Mr. McQueen’s work. I obviously don’t own anything of his but I have my skirt.


I wore it to an event where a friend of mine, Annette Kafati, was debuting as a designer. My pictures from the event are crazy lame, but here’s another site with better ones.


I layered the skirt over a see-through, peachy colored, vintage dress I slightly reinvented. Faux fur was the life saver of the night…I’m a coward for the cold.


Latest thrift finds:Velvet collar coat. Denim shorts. Studded handbag. All under 50 lempiras (About $2.50).


Here’s one resolution I’ve managed to slightly succeed at: eating healthier. I mean, I’ve changed the usual mini marshmallows and chips dinner to much better options. By better I mean healthier, not exactly better tasting. I love peaches, though.


I got in trouble for these photos, almost kicked out by security! I don’t really get into trouble often, so please forgive me if I share in such an exciting tone. Haha! And boy did I have a public…bunny ears don’t exactly go unnoticed ANYWHERE in the world, let alone in La Ceiba.

I have a new camera, so more posts to come. I’m in love with my sewing/workshop, so more homemade clothes to share with y’all.