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LOOK Magazine Guatemala

April 24, 2014
outfit for Look Magazine Guatemala
  Look Magazine Guatemala feature - Bloggers and Fashion Lovers
Full outfit shot
Outfit shot for LOOK Mag

Last month I was featured on LOOK mag, a Guatemalan lifestyle magazine, next to super stylish bloggers from Latin America. I barely made the deadline, though! Work had made it impossible for me to make time for outfit photos before it was too dark, so I decided to wake up extra early with the Pops and run out to a golf club. Once we got there, turns out we had to get permission from management and their offices were closed. Being the rule breaker my dad is, he convinced me to sneak in through the back entrance where the guard just stared with curiosity as we shot away.

My summer uniform lately consists of bandeau tops and pencil skirts (mostly made at home) in whites & pastels with the obligated metallic or bright hue. I topped this outfit off with my favorite Cheap Monday sunglasses, a gift from (a shop much more than surf, trrrust me).

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Tropical Winter | Outfit Tips

February 3, 2014
Outfit for hot so-called winters.
Outfit shot at Las Colinas
Daniel Wellington watch and faux fur bag from Thailand.
Outfit shot
Faux fur bag, souvenir from Thailand (I’ve had this thing for years and it never gets old). Shorts, Forever21. Watch c/o Daniel Wellington. Goldtone bangles, vintage. Newsboy cap, vintage. Boots, ASOS.

La Ceiba is hot almost all year round (we’ve had about 2 weeks of sweater weather this year), so whenever we get a breeze or a few drops of rain we run off to dust off our only pair of stiletto boots, sweaters and sometime even – I promise I’ve spotted these a few times – fur-trimmed jackets. Though the sun is very much appreciated during the summer, most of us wouldn’t mind parading the streets in layers and amazing coats every once in a while. Is there any way to go for a winterish style without sweating like a pig? Here are some ideas I came up with to trick myself into thinking we can:

Leather pants a la Isabel Marant Faux leather shorts

Oversized fur coat Faux fur bucket bag

Felt hat or ear muffs Vintage newsboy cap. Or just any cap!

Suede thigh high boots (though I’d probably wear these if I owned them anyway) Lace-up ankle booties

And to get some air circulation going with the dark colors, how ’bout a loose, sheer blouse?

We do what we can with what we have!

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Ugly Sweaterz

January 11, 2014

Matching Polkadot Fuzzy Sweaters Matching sweaters for Christmas are a thing. a'right? Matchign sweaters and silly headbands with the sis. nye_gifties

My family has never put up a Christmas tree. We have a living room with no center table, we forget each other’s birthdays (and laugh about it) and know all Vico C songs down to a tee. We’ve never, and probably never will, use the word “brunch” and our idea of vacationing means watching Pawn Stars marathons while having baleadas.  This year my sisters and I decided to change it up a bit and be normal by having an end-of-the-year gift exchange. We did it on December 28th, but we did it nevertheless! It wouldn’t have been very “us” if our gifts didn’t come with inside jokes and cynical Valfré illustrations. I got Diana and I matching sweaters to cozy it up and make people confused on the very first day of 2014. We wanted some neat photo evidence but I forgot my camera, so here are these grainy Iphone photos we filtered the heck out of.
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