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Style Inspiration

Carnival May-hem

June 18, 2010

Carnival La Ceiba Honduras - carrozas

May = carnival in La Ceiba, Honduras. Luckily, there’s no inappropriate flashing a la Rio de Janeiro, but it’s definitely the month of unlimited booze, chicks in skimpy clothes and excessive crepe paper.

Food stand at La Ceiba Carnival

I happen to reign in the land of night life party poopers BUT I do love to go out during the day with my sisters to share our critique of the parade and obnoxiously stare at the funny looking costumes. We also shamingly admit to DIE for the over-fattening food and underpriced hair accessories.

Sunglasses at La Ceiba Carnival

Sunglasses…I still frowned at the $5.00 price though. My goodness, I’m such a cheapskate!


It’s like inspiration paradise…a couple of proper little ladies in peter pan collars stand out in the crowd and bright color combos are EVERYwhere.

Guilindrajos en Carnaval La CeibaCutie petuties for cash keepin’.

Underwear for sale at Honduras Carnival

Panties anyone?

(By this point I realise I used the word “chicks” on the first paragraph. It’s the vibe, I tell ya!)


I missed out on some interesting costumes I later heard about. Dang it. I was probably too busy stuffing my face with cotton candy or small talking with random boys. And by random I mean these daredevils, of course!


outfit-detail-carnival-la-ceiba-hondurasAs for outfits:

On redhead sis, thrifted dress I altered for her + vintage belt.
On me, thrifted top + selfmade skirt.
Lace + scalloped edges + waist cinching + platform wedges…feels good to be a girl.

Another neat thing about May: los juegos mecánicos. Exact translation would be “mechanical games”. I LOVE them. It’s as close as we get to having a theme park and they’re only here for one month a year.

Outfit juegos mecanicos Honduras

I had a few bad experiences last time I went (one included literally jumping off the ferris wheel when it was stopped halfway while they added more people “to balance it out because something wasn’t working correctly”. I turned pale.) I came back the same week. Not kidding when I said I love them.

Juegos mecanicos La Ceiba Honduras outfit

I prefer to get there early because there’s something *CHEESY ALERT* magical about it when it’s empty. Magical and freaky.


Besides, it’s always a big plus to have access to delish mango salads without having to fight anyone for the best slices! Don’t you agree?  Anyway, I have plenty of new thrift finds and sewing/design projects to share. Ohhh, and Geral got herself a new sewing machine WOOHOOO. That will be for next post…this one sure took up half the online universe.

Style Inspiration

Not Your Typical Bicycle Post

May 6, 2010
Bike riding lady at La Ceiba, Honduras

Even before the fabulous Catherine Baba+bike pictures surfaced, I decided to make a bike my official form of transportation and failed miserably. Turns out sidewalks are not my friends and brakes seem to hate me, so that chapter was closed shut and locked.

Bike riding outfit

Do you see anything shocking about me wanting to ride a bike to work? If you’re in “third world country thinking mode”, then YES. See, down here it’s all about hierarchy. If you ride a bike, it’s ONLY because you can’t afford anything else. Either that, or you’re a tourist.


It has nothing to do with environmental consciousness, avoiding traffic, being healthy or fashionable. It gets you places. PERIOD. It’s a shame, I know…but I also admit I have smirked at the sight of over-tanned caucasians pedalling their way across the streets. Sorry!


Observation of this Tommy Ton shot: I’m sure we all agree Miss Hanneli looks way too incredible. However, I have a question: Is there no such thing as pervs in NYC?!! Down here girls could never ever. In La Ceiba, a hint of exposed knickers would put me in headlines! And I’d perhaps even be expelled from our city forever!

Anyway, the hierarchy thing applies to most other things. For example: cheap buses vs. comfy A/Cd expensive ones. I prefer the cheaper old ones because I find them more interesting and each ride is somewhat of an adventure. The cheapness I also obviously love. But these buses are usually only used by those who have to, not those who own cars or can afford the newer ones.

buses-mirna(Pic re-post alert…woops!) My sister and I on a Mirna bus (less than $5.00 for a 3 hour ride).

Interesting stories about illegally crossing borders and raising chickens are included. I love those and I’m not kidding! Only occasionally do I ride on the colder, more expensive (safer, blahblahh) ones. The latter are obviously less dangerous and they do plenty of ID checking, but I can’t help it! I heart Mirna buses even if they smell funky.

Inspiration shot:

Garifuna at La Ceiba, HondurasGarifuna lady+pastel gingham+red leather+dark nails. LOOVE.

At this risk of sounding weird, I have to say, in the Mirna buses I also get to sleep confidently with my mouth open because I don’t feel judged.  All I have to do is stay alert while doing so, to avoid waking up without any shoes on. Haha!

San Juan Pueblo, HondurasOn the road pic. Rusty red, army green, mustard yellow and hints of pastels. YUMMY. I need to make me some clothing ASAP.

Speaking of which, I finally wore this dress I sewed up with ugly scraps of fabric I had lying around. Not my fave, but was great pattern-making practice.

Plaid bubble-hem dress outfit

 I haven’t sewn much lately because I was sick for over 10 days AND my family and I just moved. It was tiring and I’ve missed my sewing shop.

bowtie-highwaist-shorts-outfitCloud print shirt, bag and short: thrifted.


Ohhhh, and I already wore that one dress with the DIY straps I posted about before. Voila!

By the way, I’m not an angry person, I promise! (boyfriend allowed no comment). It looks like so in the pictures because the sun is usually in my eyes. I work hard to tone down my obnoxious laugh…I’m not angry, I promise!


The sun has been more like on our everythinggg lately! It’s the hottest summer we’ve EVER had…some people have even been getting sick! It’s also making my brain dead and all I do is re-wear the same ‘ol summery pieces.

Same peachy slip from last post. *yawn* On my defense, I’m not the only one doing it. Geral: guilty! My same dress & her same blue cropped jacket from last post:

Strapless vintage dress - outfit at the mall

Howeverr, I’m done with packing and I’m ready to make peace with the heat. I’ll make sure to take better pictures on future bus rides so then maybe I’ll (indirectly) convince my friends that Mirna is the ONLY way to ride. A salute to glam bikers all over the world! And to other third worlders, whatever it is that you like riding in…enjoy! Even if it’s cheap.


A slightly dehydrated Fabi

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Fruit Stand Inspiration

December 7, 2009


I don’t think I’ve had a conversation regarding inspiration without mentioning the fruit vendor’s corner. This is where I’ve heard long lost love stories, life lessons, nasty gossip, stepped on horse dung, befriended strangers…


On this corner I’ve literally cried over bananas, have accepted candy for change, I’ve tripped over my heels, I’ve fallen in love with a street sweeper’s outfit (the prettiest crochet sweater/top and floral skirt ever)…and on THIS corner I’ve taken about a million outfit shots for my blog posts.


I know I complain about how far behind my hometown is when it comes to fashion, how there’s only one department store and how some consider me to be nuts, how there’s absolutely no college education options for fashion, and how people have asked to hire me to make uniforms for less than 100 lempiras ($5.00) because I sew and that’s what I might as well make a living of.

parque-central-la-ceibaMy kinda Central Park. Dress: thrifted. Belt: vintage, from grandma.

However, the streets of La Ceiba are my infinite source of inspiration AND education. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Flashback from DTWF part one:

I’m not saying I would ignore the opportunity to leave the country and obtain a formal education, but I will NEVER lead myself into believing that without them my dreams are only that: dreams. Will I allow my value to be determined by a systematic education rather than capacity and passion? I’ve done enough bickering about it, but have decided that nope. Not ever. Now, on to a less dramatic subject…a recent, quick DIY!

The strapless dress kept sliding down so I decided to make some straps for it with some leftover fabric from a dress + skirt.


Hope my rambling didn’t make you dizzy!