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Thrift Find | Moschino Skirt

July 19, 2012

Found this Moschino Cheap and Chic skirt for realzz cheap at a thrift store. So cheap I almost felt bad for paying so little. Funny thing is, if it were a Gap or Old Navy skirt then I would’ve been charged a fortune. “Es americana!”

Thrifted Cheap & Chic Moschino skirt

The length makes me look somewhat matronly and shorter than usual, but who cares. Bring on the man repelling!

Floral Cheap & Chic Moschino skirtOn being featured and stuff:

Even though I feel flattered to be given any sort of attention, I suck at self-promotion.
Last March (yep, about 4 months ago) I was featured on much read Honduran magazine, Estilo. I never thought this would happen because Estilo is all about fancy ladies in Louboutins and baby showers that cost more than my house, so it was a huge compliment to be asked to do this.

Fabi Pina feat. on Revista Estilo Honduras

It was fun. I said things like “it’s time for me to buy a pair of Karen Walker sunnies” but I haven’t because DANG, so much money for a pair of sunnies my little brother could easily sit on. Other than that, I shared my love for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Chloe Sevigny, print mixing, vintage jewelry and how much I identified with paranoid Oliver from Submarine.

Hooray for shameless self-promotion!
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May 6, 2012

Long time ago I went downtown to a small photostudio  get my grad picture taken. The old wooden house covered in religious decor left me somewhat curious, so I returned to find out more.


I lied and told the lady I needed pictures for a fashion school application. If I mentioned my blog, Andy Warhol or my love for old things, I would’ve looked like a complete moron. It was the only way I could convince her to photograph me wearing shades and a floral headband.

Vintage telephoneShe made me walk into a room covered in not-so-white bed sheets behind a not-so-white curtain. I sat in front of two bulbs ready for my Warhol-esque black & white face shot.

Photovenus-laceiba-honduras1As she tilted my face over and over, I asked her a million questions and quickly found out she’d taken pictures of my aunts when they were young. Don’t know why I squealed in excitement; It’s a really small town! Her hesitation turned into satisfaction: “you’ll look like an angel”. She pulled out her cute, vintage Pentax camera and pressed the shutter button once.

fotovenus la ceiba, hondurasHer mom opened the little studio in 1954 and it’s been up & running ever since. Unfortunately, the house now has a huge “FOR SALE” sign and the studio’s future uncertain.

fabi-pina-vintage-floral-dress I wore a vintage tent dress I fixed up long time ago. I can picture the lovely old lady wearing something like this a few decades back. 🙂


Floral headband from craft store, Sunglasses: H&M, Dress: vintage, Platform heels: Luichiny
Luichiny snake print platform lace-up heels
The imposed “angelic” posing, grey tones and black sunnies resulted in an unflattering shot Warhol would probably disapprove of (or love for its artificiality), but the experience was completely worth it.

‘Til next post!
The cute photobomber doggie and I hope you have an awesome week! ♥


Behind the Scenes

Peace of Me

December 1, 2011

I wrote about Paz aka “Pacita” before. A close family friend (almost granny’s cousin), she gifted me her old sewing machine. My great-grandma taught her to sew, and the student surpassed the master. She was the shizzle, a bias cutting master! All the socialites of her time lined up outside her workshop with loads of fabric. It feels so surreal to even type this, but Pacita passed away a few months ago, and I was handed down many of her sewing supplies and half-finished projects.

vintage buttons

Cutesie vintage buttons and studs.

Vintage sewing supplies

A jacket needs these buttons smacked on it RIGHT NOW.

vintage sewing supplies

She kept her things neatly in whisky tin boxes. Whisky. How cool is that?!

Vintage trims

 Tons of lace and trims. SO. FRIGGIN’. PRETTY.

Vintage fashion catalogues

Catalogues with plenty of funny looking haircuts and vintage inspiration. Strips of fabric are still stapled to whatever style her clients were asking for. So much fun to see!

Vintage sportswear catalogue

I’m thinking A.Wang (mostly SS’10) with all these sporty silhouettes. Suddenly I’m in the mood for some mesh!

Fashion moodboard

A stack of vintage fabrics with abundance of texture and shine, my cup of tea. Spot Chloe Sevigny? I’m in love with the woman.

I thought I’d never dare use these precious heirlooms, but I think it’s about time I make justice to her legacy! Wish me luck, I’ll need it. I will miss Pacita with all my heart and really appreciate all these wonderful things she’s left me. I’ll make sure to post about what I come up with!

Paz= Peace, in Spanish