Ice Ice Baby

December 1, 2014






I left my room in tights, ankle boots and a turtleneck to walk around Yong Kang street, on the look out for a delicious bowl of steaming hot beef noodles soup. Taipei quickly turned up the heat and I soon found myself hiding behind some trees quickly rolling down my tights and ended up trading the hot meal for a shaved mango ice from Smoothie House. Oh maan, how can I begin to explain the delicious goodness that this Taiwanese version of a “nieve” is. The mango flavoured ice is surrounded by fresh fruit and then topped off with a scoop of mango ice cream. A perfect mixture of sweet & sour, the countless brain freezes were totally worth it!

As for this dainty, vintage bag, it was a score from my new secret (not-so-secret anymore) shopping destination: Facebook trade-buy-sell groups! So far it’s making up for the lack of thrift stores in Taiwan. Not quite the same, but for now it shall do.

Outfit: Top & skirt from Taipei night market, ZARA burgundy boots, vintage bag bought through Facebook group.

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In My Calvins

November 13, 2014

Calvin Klein Jeans Casual Outfit


Vintage Calvin Klein Flared Jeans

Fuzzy Raglan Sleeves Top

Casual Denim and Blouse Outfit

I found these Calvin Klein vintage flared jeans at a thrift shop, naturally, and though they have absolutely no “stretch” in them I was lucky that they fit! I had them hidden in my closet for a while since as I’ve said before I’m not the biggest fan of jeans, but the colder weather persuaded me to finally wear them. I’m glad I did, since I grew so fond of them! They were a little short on me (so strange!) but I unravelled the hem and now I can even wear them with heels.

As for the top, this is from our last Bultique collection that hasn’t been launched yet. As you might know, the online shop has been down for a while. I became really busy with a full time job, my business partner and friend Lutfi made the big move to New York and then I ended up coming to Taiwan. Bultique was our baby so it was hard to let it go, but let’s just say it’s a temporary pause. Lutfi and I plan on doing awesome things in the future, so stay tuned! Oh, and that last mini collection with tons of weird textures might be available soon. IT IS AMAZING.

Outfit details: Calvin Klein jeans, Bultique top, Nine West pointed heels.

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The Pink Bra Challenge

October 24, 2014





I found this pink bra at a convenience store in Taipei (not the fanciest place to buy undergarments), while shopping for laundry detergent and cotton swabs. I starred at it for too long, wondering if I could pull off wearing it as a crop top to get a point across. It was only about $5 so I figured I could test it out. I wore it under an open sweater and no, I didn’t quite pull it off. It’s very obviously a bra and got me stared at a lot, especially by older ladies. Would I try it out again? Perhaps. Maybe over a t-shirt or under a torn-up sweater.
I hope this doesn’t strike you as yet another trendy, disease awareness campaign post. I just thought I’d remind you (in a silly way) to check your boobies. It’s super easy and this month is especially a great time to do it since most hospitals and clinics have promotions and discounts. Are your boobs almost inexistent like mine? Still check ’em. Do you eat healthy and exercise regularly? Still check ’em. Are you a breast cancer survivor? I salute you! Have you lost someone you loved to breast cancer? My heart truly goes out to you, and I wish you strength this month and every month.

Outfit details: Cardigan from Taipei market, ASOS denim ruffles skirt, ASOS handbag, Shoedazzle heels.

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