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Instagram Update August ’13

August 9, 2013
1.) Platforms + white patent. ♥ A thrift find and gift from one of ma best friends. Ahh, sometimes it’s so good to be a size 6! 2.) Summer backyard outfit featuring a thrifted DIY crop top and ASOS metallic sunnies. 3.) The girls at INHFA learning to make inspiration collages as part of the Seams & Dreams program. 4.) Avocado season at my house! Vintage clip-on earrings and my new fave pink sunglasses. 5.) A night out calls for a Selena Queen of Tex-Mex inspired outfit. Guess blouse, self-made skirt and Bultique hoop earrings. 6.) An obligatory stop to the local “bakery” at Valle de Angeles, after a night of crazy fun at my friends Ricardo and Mariel’s wedding. Isn’t that the cutest tablecloth ever?!
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P.S. I’ve got a really cool interview and fun DIY lined up for you guys. Posts will be up soon!


Instagram Update January ’13

January 6, 2013
Happy 2013 everyone! I’m back and yes, with excuses for why I haven’t posted in a while, except this time they’re reeally good excuses AND they come with a giveaway which will help you forgive and forget quickly. Here’s a recap via Instagram of what I’ve been up to while gone:

1 & 2. Wearing a top c/o of He-bi and self-made skirt at Camp Cazanave, my mom’s childhood neighborhood, where I spent Christmas playing old-school videogames, eating tamales and riding quad bikes. Ahh, bliss.  3. My friend Lutfi and I finally opened the first online vintage clothing shop in Honduras, The packaging and stickers are the cutest! 4. Vintage fabric, ready to become something amazing for Bultique. 5.  We recently moved, which inspired a bedroom makeover (on a budget, of course). Pictured: Vintage Ozz Franca painting, thrifted vases and Lutfi Janania earrings. 5. Third World Fashionista featured on new Mexican design magazine, FACERE!  ♥

The launch of, a vintage shop I’ve wanted to open since I was like 6 months old, was a really amazing way to end 2013 and doing it with one of my best friends made it even better than I ever expected. We basically sold out on week 1, but we’re already working on stocking up on gorgeous (and quite weird) things. I want them all! Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates, a’right?

Bultique Shop

The shop is mostly in spanish because we are in Central America, but if anybody has any questions or would like anything shipped to the U.S.A., just sent us a message. 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥
Now…on to the giveaway! I’m personally obsessed with large clutches, so I figured I’d gift you guys a really nice one.

Clutch Giveaway
All you have to do is leave your email in a comment below, be from anywhere in planet Earth and (because there has to be a catch) likey like the Style Caramba facebook page

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, PLEASE participate. I’d love if the clutch went to someone who genuinely likes this blog. 🙂 Winner will be announced February 5th. Woohoo!

Edit: Giveaway has been closed. Winner anounced here.

Island Bliss | Utila, Honduras

October 3, 2012

On Island Bliss part 1, I shared a few pictures from my trip to Roatán. That same week, I took an overnight trip to Utila. My friends, I think it’s about time I let you in on a very embarrassing secret: I. cannot. swim. This picture pretty much sums up my relationship with aquatic environments:

Childhood picture of me swimming with a life vest

Photo posted on Facebook by an elementary schoolmate.  

The good thing is, I can enjoy the sidelines. So while the girls went out snorkelling…

Snorkelling the beaches of Utila, Honduras

…I Iaid on the shore browsing through a mag and chatting up an endangered creature, the Honduran national bird!

Honduran National Bird, Scarlet Macaw at Utila

Wtzup? I’m a friendly Macaw.
Island architecture, seahorses spotted at Utila, Honduras

I joined them on all other activities. We shared one bedroom (six girls, madness), spotted a swimming iguana, danced like madwomen, had tasty seafood for lunch, rode our bikes all over the island and convinced each other that our sandfly bites didn’t look “that bad”.

Dancing at the beautiful island of Utila

Outfit details (left): thrifted croptop, skirt is a gift from sister, dreadlocky hair c/o Utila.

Artwork spotted at Utila, Honduras
School kids getting in trouble at Utila, Honduras

Boys walking home from school, getting scolded at by random lady in tiny french braids. Islanders are tough!
Fireworks for sale before carnival at Utila, Honduras
Illegal  fireworks for carnival night!
Riding bikes around the island of Utila, Honduras
Bundu Cafe at Utila, Honduras
My girls walking around Utila, Honduras

The reason why I have so many pictures of the trip is because Kirsis was willing to carry Betty Canon wherever we went and snapped most of the shots on this post. Thanks Kirso!

Beautiful blue shade of Utila's beaches, wearing Tiendas Carrion aztec print dress

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