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DIY Bubble Hem MuuMuu Dress

November 24, 2013
Before / Antes:
MuuMuu Dress Before Transformation
After / Después:
Hawaiian Muumuu Dress Transformation
Bubble hem detail.
Simple nude high-heeled sandals.
Not exactly ready to play ball, but the dress is pretty!
Posing with the little baseball cute!

A visit to the neighborhood baseball field turned into the funnest blog shoot I’ve ever had. The players’ parents insisted I use a baseball bat as a prop, while I insisted their kids would be naturals in front of the cam and obviously, they were! They giggled and teased each other as they posed…so adorable!I wore my most recent transformation, another one of those frumpy muumuu (certainly not MiuMiu) dresses in dire need of a makeover, in this case a fifteen minute one that required nothing but scissors, thread and a needle. I removed the elastic from the sleeves and turned the hem into a not-so-boring bubble one. Easy peasy and incredibly inexpensive.

Léelo en español…

DIYs & Tutorials

DIY Summer Outfit

September 8, 2013
Floral dress: Before

I found this frumpy but kinda sweet muumuu-shaped dress at a thrift store in the L.5 ($0.25) box and brought it home to turn it into a more versatile summer two-piece. I love the feeling of finding far-from-impressive clothing items and performing surgery on them. It’s great for my currently limited budget (I’m on saving mode…plans, plans plans!) and keeps my sewing skills from getting rusty.

After: Summer Two-Piece outfit idea for summer

I revamp most of my thrifted items but unfortunately I rarely ever post about the “Before”. Sometimes it’s just a small detail, but ohhh what a difference something as tiny as buttons can make!

Floral two-piece DIY is ideal for summer
Two-piece: thrifted dress, Hat: Forever21, Earrings: vintage from grandma.
Two-piece outfit

Anyway, I love Before & Afters anything so I’m hoping you guys do to, because I plan to turn this into a new post category. Any clever ideas for the category name? Feel free to leave your feedback! And if you think this sailor collar is a little too crazy, feel free to vent out as well!

DIYs & Tutorials

DIY Bear Ears Headband

August 15, 2013
DIY Bear Ears Headband Outfit
I stopped by a miscellaneous shop filled with “Made in China” cleaning supplies when I bumped into these hot pink dish scrubbies. I bought 3 of them not knowing what I’d use them for, and that was quite some time ago. I found them while fixing up my sewing room and realized they’d make the cutest little bear ears. Here’s a very easy (and kinda funny) DIY:
Materials you'll need to make the headband
You’ll need: 2 dish scrubbies, a headband (preferably one that’ll blend in with the color of your hair), glue gun (the lazy way, I know) and liquid paper to mark where you want the scrubbies to be placed. I used liquid paper because it was lying around the house and I could easily scrape it off, but you can use anything else.
If you know have any crocheting abilities you can make the dish scrubbies yourself! Found a tutorial here. These are the steps for the headband:
Steps to making the DIY bear ears headband
After marking where you want your scrubbies placed, (1) fold them in half and (2) glue them shut. Finally, (3) glue them to the headband and hold still until dry. Let them dry for an extra hour before wearing them…trust me, you’ll be tempted to!
Bear Ears Headband
I like wearing them with easy summer outfits or when lounging around the house in shorts and tees. If they’re a little too much for you they can also make an adorable costume or the sweetest gift for a nephew or friend!
Wear them as a costume or just to be weird., wear them with faux leather shorts.
Top: thrifted vintage, Faux leather shorts: Forever21, Gold necklaces: old gift from my mother.
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