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DIYs & Tutorials

DIY Crop Top with Elastic

April 28, 2013

Croptop DIY materials you'll need

Note: Missing from the materials is a large safety pin. A diaper pin works!
I’ve had this thrifted, vintage top for years now, but I’ve never been completely satisfied with the boxy shape (not the good kind of boxy). I decided to chop the bottom off and add some elastic at the hem for a crop top that wasn’t too frumpy. Here are the steps:
Croptop DIY Steps
1.) Fold up a new hem, which will be the elastic casing, leaving enough room for the elastic of your choice to fit. Place pins along the fold for precision when sewing. 2 & 3.) Sew down the new hem, but leave an opening as wide as your elastic. 4 & 5.) Insert the safety pin on one of the elastic ends and insert in the hem (casing) through the opening. Slide the elastic through the casing by pulling and sliding using the safety pin, until you reach the other end. When sliding it, make sure not to let go of the other end (the one without the pin). Otherwise, it will get lost inside the casing and you’ll have to start all over again. 6.) Finally, overlap both elastic ends, sew down as shown in picture, and close the hem opening.
Crop top outfit
Worn with: DIY cuffed shorts, Earrings by Honduran designer Lutfi Janania & Deandri Helga booties.
I’ll definitely be wearing this top more often now. Maybe with a sleek A-line skirt or graphic high waisted trousers. The skin bearing shorts are a little too much for my small town, so I’m leaving this outfit for hot days spent at home with the family.
Croptop details
Croptop worn with the Deandri Helga booties
Go on and chop chop your tops and show me what you come up with on Facebook! <3
But before you do that, lemme share a project I’ve been working on that’s really close to my heart. If you followed TWF part 1, you’ll remember my “fashion” education consists mostly of sewing courses in government institutions for troubled teenagers and struggling women. These sewing courses were less than promising and motivation in class was extremely low. This hasn’t changed, and that’s why I decided to create Seams & Dreams, free workshops with both creative and self-esteem boosting activities. Watch this video to find out what Seams & Dreams is all about (it’s in Spanish, but I can assure you no translation is needed):

I’ve submitted this project for the Creative Diary competition for a scholarship to an IED school. It would mean the world to me if you voted or left a comment on the project by clicking here.

I admit at first I had no intentions of posting about it, but I was touched by messages from people who wanted to know how they could help and be a part of the workshops (It’s currently just me with a little help from my sisters). Why not share it even more? It makes me so happy to know people are not only willing, but also eager, to help in any way they can. Thank you all!
DIYs & Tutorials

DIY Basket Charms Necklace

November 8, 2012

I found these cute handmade mini baskets at my favorite craft shop in La Ceiba and their hanging potential made them perfect to use as charms for a DIY statement necklace. Here’s what I used:
Materials you'll need
You might not find these same exact baskets at your local craft store, but if you have a thing for quirky, this idea might open up an array of possibilities! The steps are easy. Just attach a ring to your dangly item, attach with another ring to your chain and add closure. So easy!

Optional: spray the baskets with a clear acrylic sealer for extra protection.
Charms Necklace Close-UpWorn two different ways:

With a simple T-shirt for lazy sundays…

Wear DIY charm necklace with basic white t-shirt Statement Necklace worn with Basic White T-Shirt…or with a button-up for busy school days. The baskets like to dance all over the place, makes it kinda fun.
Wear DIY statement necklace with a button-up Outfit idea for DIY charm necklaceNow go on and start hanging random things on chains! Send me pictures of your DIYs and I’ll make sure to post them on Style Caramba‘s Facebook page.

DIYs & Tutorials

DIY Pumped Up Heels

October 11, 2012

I like classics, I do. But quirky is so much better! I bought a simple pair of heels thinking “every girl needs a basic, slightly pointed heel” but they haven’t really seen the light of day. That’s why I bought these toffee/caramel-looking beads and knew exactly what they’d adorn. I leave you with an easy (and weird, according to my mother) DIY:
Materials you'll need to embellish your heels

Make sure the needle is nice and strong, the flimsy ones will bend and make everything more difficult.

DIY Steps 1 & 2 to embellish your simple pumps

1. Place your beads where you want them to be, and draw around them with your chalk. This step is optional, you can wing it if you’d like (I did on the other shoe). Thread your needle and knot the thread ends.

2. You’re now read to poke your shoe. Remember to start from the inside of the shoe, and a little above the center of where your bead will be. Insert your bead through the needle and thread. Now insert the needle back inside the shoe a little below the first insertion. This makes the thread less noticeable.

DIY Steps 3 & 4 to embellish your simple pumps

3. Repeat Step 2 several times for extra safety. You’ll have to adjust the bead and thread several times. Be patient!

4. From the inside of the shoe, insert the needle a little above the center of where your second bead will live. Repeat Steps 2 and 3.

DIY Step 5 to embellish your simple pumps

5. Make sure the beads are nice and tight, not going anywhere. Knot your thread. This last step can be a little tricky. I knotted mine close to the edge on the shoe seam OUTSIDE of the shoe, but below the beads. Place a dot of super glue on the knot aaaand dunzo! Be careful not to get too much glue on your fabric or it will stain it.

DIY Step 6 to embellish your simple pumpsResults:

Final result of DIY embellished heels

Don’t they look chewable? Luxe-chewable, that is.

Result of easy DIY beads embellished heels worn with checkered pants

Hope you enjoyed! I’m sure you guys can come up with a million variations of this DIY. Send me pictures if you try them out, I’ll post them on Facebook. 🙂 My trip to the craft store was quite successful, so many more DIY posts to come!

P.S. If my explanation of the steps was terrible and you have no idea what I was talking about, feel free to send a message. Don’t be shy!