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Island Bliss | Roatan, Honduras

August 13, 2012

These are a few pictures I took on my visit to Roatan island (a one hour ferry ride away from La Ceiba) a couple of weeks ago. They aren’t the best because I’m a baad blogger, annoyed by the thought of carrying my camera around. My sisters were even more annoyed when I’d ask them to, but who can blame them? Roatan is paradise.

Roatan, Honduras

Diana Pina

Sister no. 3 has red hair and freckles and likes lipstick and gladly accepts my hugs. Sister no. 2 hates pictures and would smother me in my sleep if I dare post them, so don’t expect to see her on my blog.
Pretending to tan at Roatan, Honduras right in front of the Infinity Bay Resort

Pretending to tan because look at what I’m wearing!

Luna Beach Hotel at Roatan, HondurasCool lamps at Lost Paradise Inn at Roatan, Honduras

Lamps in our cute bungalow.

Being silly at Infinity Bay Resort, Roatan, Honduras

Portraying uncivilized behavior.

Cheesecake and cocktails at Inifinity Bay Resort, Roatan

Fancy cocktails served in beer cups? Yes please!

My gorgeous cousin,  Joanna

Cousin Joanna is the hotness. She likes to smile and nap in random places. I gave her an ini mini makeover which you can see HERE and has hyped up the girly factor ever since!


The only bummer of our trip? A main road was under construction, argh!

Hangin' at the dock at Los Paradise Inn, Roatan

Lost Paradise Inn, Roatan

A few days after returning home I hopped on another ferry to visit a second island with some of my bffs. My hair went all dreadlocky on me and I was attacked by sandflies there…those pictures you do NOT want to miss. Next post!

Behind the Scenes, Other

Thrift Find | Moschino Skirt

July 19, 2012

Found this Moschino Cheap and Chic skirt for realzz cheap at a thrift store. So cheap I almost felt bad for paying so little. Funny thing is, if it were a Gap or Old Navy skirt then I would’ve been charged a fortune. “Es americana!”

Thrifted Cheap & Chic Moschino skirt

The length makes me look somewhat matronly and shorter than usual, but who cares. Bring on the man repelling!

Floral Cheap & Chic Moschino skirtOn being featured and stuff:

Even though I feel flattered to be given any sort of attention, I suck at self-promotion.
Last March (yep, about 4 months ago) I was featured on much read Honduran magazine, Estilo. I never thought this would happen because Estilo is all about fancy ladies in Louboutins and baby showers that cost more than my house, so it was a huge compliment to be asked to do this.

Fabi Pina feat. on Revista Estilo Honduras

It was fun. I said things like “it’s time for me to buy a pair of Karen Walker sunnies” but I haven’t because DANG, so much money for a pair of sunnies my little brother could easily sit on. Other than that, I shared my love for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Chloe Sevigny, print mixing, vintage jewelry and how much I identified with paranoid Oliver from Submarine.

Hooray for shameless self-promotion!

Style Goals

January 8, 2012
Crop Halter Top flatlay
Top, skirt & earrings: thrifted. 

 I have to admit, I do feed off of the collective motivation that comes from a symbolic “new beginning”.  However, I won’t embarrass myself by sharing the more personal goals, but here are my style & beauty resolutions for 2012:

Elizabeth Taylor eyebrows inspirationsource

1.) Darker & longer eyebrows.

Think Elizabeth Taylor meets Camilla Belle meets Gloria Trevi.

Gloria Trevi source 

2.) Different skirt lengths & pants. 

I’m errrr “petite” and have always thought a specific skirt style suited me best. The heck with flattering, I’m going knee-length! I mean…maybe. And then the dreaded trousers, I might give those a try.

3.) Dust off my vintage jewelry.

My decent collection of thrifted & hand-me down bling from grandma rarely see the light of day. I want to wear it more often!

4.) Care less about being the town freak-o.

The older I get, the crazier the hats I want to wear. I’m thinking of making a squeaky duck headband next and NOBODY CAN STOP ME.

Pink and Gold Vintage EarringsEarrings: vintage

5.) Become a sewing master.

This one’s been on my list forever. I want to make more of my clothes & fool around with the old one which means more DIYs for you!

 Fingers crossed!