Skirt Over Dress

October 14, 2014



Skirt Over Dress Outfit

Too Short Skirt Fix


This is a trick I’ve been using even before the Hilary Duff’s of the world wore skirts over bell-bottoms. My bum always finds a way to make my skirts sneakily climb up which has made for several embarrassing moments. It’s my fault for inclining towards the mini lengths, but sometimes, it’s not reeeally my fault. If you’re a bargain lover like I am, you know that not all shops let you try on their discounted clothing. That’s how I ended up with this 100 NTD (about $3.50) skirt from a market thinking it would be perfect to wear with a white button-up but instead, it turned out to be perfect for getting unwanted attention in the cheeks department. Rather than banning it from my closet, I decided to use at the perfect element to make old dresses new (you might recognise this vintage dress from a truly old post). And that’s how you turn a skirt from being R-rated to meet-the-boyfriend’s-parents potential.

Outfit details: Nine West heels, vintage tent dress, white skirt from Taipei night market, ASOS round reflective sunglasses, Limecrime Velvetine lipstick in Wicked.

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Fall Wear

October 8, 2014

Fall wear outfit Zara burgundy boots

Fall wear outfit Zara burgundy boots and little black dress




Being the coastal girl that I am, I’m already mentally preparing for the colder weather approaching Taipei. As the temperature drops, so does my energy. But right now it’s just perfect: cool enough to wear a light jacket, warm enough for bare legs. I teamed up with my friend Jeyson García, one of the very few male fashion bloggers in Honduras, to come up with an incredibly easy outfit for the fall. I looked into his blog to see what he’s been wearing lately, and decided to follow his path in an almost all-black ensemble. Though I don’t generally gear towards jersey, this black body conscious dress really had me at hello the price, as it was found in the sales rack at NET. Tied a sweater (yes to texture) around my waist (yes to butt coverage) and paired it with my 60s inspired burgundy booties from ZARA and man, the most laid-back outfit ever. Also, there’s nothing a bold lip can’t dress up, right?


Jeyson and I have a special bond, especially since I was the first fashion blogger and he was the first male fashion blogger in our country. We go waaay back! Expect to see more collabs in the future! Remember to stop by his blog to see more photos of his outfit idea for fall.

Outfit details: NET jersey dress, ZARA burgundy boots, Limecrime Velvetine in Wicked lipstick, vintage choker, sweater from Taipei market.

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Lipstickfables T-Shirt

September 27, 2014






Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.58.10 PM

Ana became a comedian pretty much by accident. Her Youtube channel, Lipstickfables, was originally intended to be a beauty tutorial vlog. After uploading the infamous “S*** Hondurans Say” video on the same channel, she garnered thousands of followers and is now a national internet sensation. Adding another surprise to the mix, she recently earned her BA in Graphic Design and has found the way to put all her talents into a business venture: t-shirts with funny, Honduras related graphics. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! You can buy one of her Tees here, watch her hilarious videos on her Facebook or Instagram account, or her beauty tutorials on Youtube . Let me warn you though, despite being an incredibly sweet girl, she has a foul mouth and is not apologising for it. My favourites are her parodies of a typical Honduran mother through a fictitious character “la mamá de Carmen Suyapa”. SO. ON. POINT. Love you mom!

Outfit details: Lipstickfables ¿Cómo nos Dicen? T-shirt (Men’s Size Small), ASOS faux leather skirt and sunglasses, ZARA white handbag, Vintage earrings.


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